This article was originally featured in the very first issue of GLT Magazine, published on 22nd September 2017. 


Leesa Barr lives and breathes beauty. She strongly believes that how we look affects how we feel and that it’s important to dedicate time to taking care of ourselves. Leesa knows how difficult it is to find the time. And so with many beauty products testing on animals and including nasty ingredients, it’s getting harder to know which products to use. This is what led her to the creation of LEESA BAR Cosmetics. Saving time, nourishing skin, and being 100% safe and socially responsible, Leesa has poured her heart, soul and – of course – all of her beauty knowledge into these gorgeous products. She’s so proud to share them with you now and is certain you’ll fall in love with them the way she has. In the following article, she shares some of her considerable wisdom.


Do I really need all that stuff?


How many times have you asked yourself that question? Are you confused by the amount of information available to you? Facebook, YouTube, Bloggers, the constant deluge of emails that pop into your inbox. Aaarrrgh! Sometimes, all of this is confusing! What do you do: go back to what you know, or worse, do nothing at all?

I often hear flattering comments from kind-hearted souls, “Your makeup is always beautiful. You must spend a lot of time on your makeup. How on earth do you get out the door in the mornings? I wish I had the time!” This last one always amuses me as I have three young children, run my business and help in my husband’s business. I help out at school when I can, children’s sports and the odd charity event. Leading such a full life has meant I have needed to perfect the simplest makeup routine.

I wear makeup every day. Trust me when I say you do have time. There are more benefits to wearing than the way you look. For starters, skin protection from the sun and free radicals in city pollution. You can future proof your skin from premature ageing. To answer the first question, “do I really need all that stuff?” – the short answer is no. There are products you can skip and still achieve radiant looking makeup.


Start with cleansed skin.


I do this in the shower to save time. Apply your moisturiser OR primer. You don’t need both! Layering too much product takes precious time and can make your skin too shiny and cause your product to separate and crease. I recommend a good quality primer as this will be moisturising and help to fill in fine lines and pores. Primer also helps your foundation to adhere to your skin for longer lasting wear. I like to let my primer dry before I apply foundation.


Eyes: step two is to powder your eyelids.


Did you know your eyelids are actually oily? I use our Luxe Powder Brush for this along with our Multi-tasking Pressed Powder Foundation in Number 3. You could use whatever foundation you prefer.


Next is to attend to your eyebrows.


Your eyebrows really do frame your face. If you have no time to do anything at all, at least do your eyebrows! This is the one step I spend time on.


Follow with mascara.


Choose a water-resistant mascara as they are the best to fight humidity (don’t be confused by waterproof mascara – they are entirely different). At this point, I leave my bathroom mirror to attend to the morning rush (three young children, remember!)

I keep my Multi-Tasking Pressed Powder Compact with me. I wear Number 4.5 (it’s our new colour!) as well as my choice of Lipstick or Lipgloss that I intend to wear that day. These generally get applied in the rear vision mirror in my car or using the mirror that’s in our compact.

I quickly apply Foundation to the rest of my face using the Luxe Powder Brush along with my lipstick or lipgloss. I also use a very small amount of lipstick as blush before I step out of the car, ready to face the world. I prefer to use powder foundation on a daily basis as it’s quick and easy to apply, versatile with fantastic coverage, and provides me with protection against the sun.


Simplify your morning makeup routine.


I find sunscreen in tinted moisturisers and liquid foundations are not as effective as they do not get reapplied every four hours — unlike Multi-Tasking Pressed Powder Foundation Compact that’s easy to pull out and use to touch up your makeup (and sunscreen) regularly.

It’s that simple! A grand total of four products and a five-minute plan. We want to simplify your beauty routine so you have more time to focus on the things you love. Because we know that if you look and feel your best, you’ll be more likely to design your best life.


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